Our Vision & Strategy


Vision and Values Strap Line


-to see spiritual renewal through the transformation of lives inside and outside Avenue by the power of the Spirit and the work of the Gospel. This will result in God’s values in our lives not being contained within the church but flooding out into our neighbourhood, town, city and world.


Our values for a CHANGED life are:

Celebrating God’s presence

Holy Living

Active Obedience

Never ending grace

Generous lives

Engaged in prayer

Deepening our understanding of the Bible

Strategy 2018/19

It is now two years since the refurbishment of the church and in that time we have seen a good number of people join us from a variety of backgrounds. So today we reflect more fully the community we are part of in central Southend. Over the next few months the church will be exploring the next chapter in the life of the church, seeking to hear from God the new path He would have us travel on. We expect that before Easter 2019 we will have a clearer understanding of the next part of the journey and will have developed a strategy to help us on that path.

Andrew & Jim

September 2018