We have a wide range of organisations and activities that cater for all age groups, both young and old! There is definately something for everyone to take part in! You can find out more by exploring the various pages under this tab and selecting the area of your interest. Remember, these are just the regular activities that go on in the church! There are always extra things happening! One off events from BBQ’s to church holidays. For dates/times of events, check the ‘Events’ Calendar!

Activities at Avenue 01 Activities at Avenue 02  

Sunday Morning Worship 10.30am
  First Sunday Communion – during Morning Worship
  Third Sunday-Prayer and Wholeness Service with Communion 6pm
   Prayer Meeting on 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month 6pm
Monday Avenue Playgroup 9.25am
Line Dancing 2.00pm
Tuesday Avenue Playgroup 9.25am
A.L.P.S. 2.30pm
WAVES childrens and youth group 6pm
Wednesday Avenue Playgroup 9.25am
“Thinking Out Loud” Study Group 9.45am
 Home groups  7.30pm
 Worship Band Practice  8.00pm
Women’s House of Prayer (Alternate weeks) 8.00pm
Thursday Avenue Playgroup 9.25am
Playgroup Coffee Morning 9.30am
Seekers Group (4th Thursday in the month) 5.00pm
Home group 7.30pm
Friday Avenue Playgroup 9.25am
Little Pebbles 9.30am
Saturday Child Contact Centre (2nd & 4th Saturdays ONLY) 12.00pm
   F.C. Avenue Football Teams  10.45am