Seven Studies on Avenue’s Values

This bible study is split into seven sessions through which you will be exploring Avenue’s seven values. They are:

Celebrating God’s presence

Holy Living

Active Obedience

Never ending grace

Generous lives

Engaged in prayer

Deepening our understanding of the Bible


As you can see if you add together the first letter of each value you end up with the word ‘changed’. This links into the church’s vision:


Our vision is to see a transformed world through CHANGED lives


These seven sessions are an opportunity to explore what a changed life looks like in reality. At each session you will be invited to read a bible passage, explore it using the questions and notes provided and then spend some time in prayer. Our hope is that by doing this you will not only deepen your relationship with God but with other Christians. It is through this deep fellowship that we experience the grace, joy and love of God as part of God’s family.

God bless you

Andrew and Jim

Please click here to open the bible study in a pdf format Avenue Values Bible Study