Current Sunday Programme

19th August-Andrew

26th August Kalbi Massey

2nd September-Gifts from the Father-

1 Cor. 12:1-27 & Communion-Jim

Prayer Meeting at 6pm

9th September– The ‘Missing’ Spiritual Gifts?-Ephesians 4:11-13-All Age-Andrew

Prayer and Wholeness Service at 6pm

16th September- The Gift of Apostles-Acts 16:1-15-Andrew

Prayer & Praise at 6pm

23rd September-The Gift of Prophets-Acts 13:1-12 & Shoebox Appeal-Andrew

Spontaneous Worship at 6pm

Wednesday 26th September Church Meeting at 7.45pm

30th September BMS Sunday &

Harvest Buffet with Peter Dunn

7th October-The Gift of Evangelists-Acts 8:26-40-Communion- Andrew

Prayer Meeting at 6pm

14th October– All Age & Jim

Prayer and Wholeness Service at 6pm

21st October –The Gift of Pastors –

Psalm 23-Andrew

Prayer and Praise at 6pm

28th October– CAP Sunday with Lesley Lewis

4th November– The Gift of Teachers-

1 Tim. 4-Andrew & Communion

Prayer Meeting at 6pm

11th November– All Age & Remembrance Service-Jim

Prayer and Wholeness Service at 6pm

18th November-Andrew-Worship and The Gift of Heavenly Speech-1 Cor. 14:1-25

Prayer and Praise at 6pm

25th November-Creating a Spirit Filled Culture-Luke 8:4-15, Andrew

Church Meeting-2 pm

2nd December-1st Sunday in Advent-Isaiah 40:1-11 & Communion-Andrew

Prayer Meeting at 6pm

9th December-2nd Sunday in Advent –Isaiah 61-Andrew

Saturday 15th December-Crib Festival-11-2pm

16th December-3rd Sunday in Advent – Crib Celebration & Christmas Buffet-Jim

23rd December-4th Sunday in Advent-Carol Service-All Age- Andrew

Tuesday 25th December at 10am -Jim