Current Sunday Programme

1st October-A Body of Strangers-

1 Corinthians 12:12-31 Dedication of Emilia & Communion-Andrew


Prayer Meeting at 6pm


8th October-Give up your Expectations-Matthew 13:1-9 All Age & Shoebox Appeal-Andrew


8th October -SABN Event ‘A Questioning Faith: Developing our Theology in a Changing World’ 3-6.30pm at Leigh Road Baptist Church


15th October- Welcoming Creation-

Genesis 1: 26-31 Harvest & BMS Sunday with Harvest Buffet-Jim


Prayer Meeting at 6pm


22nd October-Emily Chalke


29th October-Give up Control-




5th November-CAP Sunday with Richard Leadley & Communion


Prayer Meeting at 6pm



12th November-Seeing Jesus in the Stranger-Matthew 25:31-46

All Age & Remembrance Service-Andrew


Prayer and Wholeness Service at 6pm


19th November-The Limits of Hospitality-Matthew 11:25-30-Andrew


Prayer Meeting at 6pm


26th November-The Mission of Welcome-John 13:31-38 -Jim


Members Meeting


3rd December-1st Sunday in Advent & Communion-Andrew


Prayer Meeting at 6pm


10th December-2nd Sunday in Advent-Andrew


Carols, Candles and Creating Space-7pm-Andrew


17th December-3rd Sunday in Advent –‘God in the Crib’ John 1:1-14, A Crib Celebration & Christmas Buffet-Jim


24th December-4th Sunday in Advent-‘God in our Lives’ Matthew 1:18-25 -All Age with Andrew and Jim


Monday 25th December at 10am-‘God in the World’-Andrew