Ramadan Prayer Guide

Thank you for joining us in prayer! We believe that God’s heart is to bring Muslims into the knowledge of his love and grace, in Jesus Christ

This is a 30-day guide to help followers of Jesus pray for Muslims during Ramadan.  It is meant to be a guide with suggestions on ways to pray each day but they are meant to be suggestions. If the Holy Spirit is leading you to pray in another way, please follow his lead!

Each day contains a topic, verses and YouTube songs. We believe that God loves us to pray, recite his scripture and worship Him in song. The 30 days are divided into three ten-day sections. Each section has a specific passage that will be the overall theme for those ten days and then each day will have specific scriptures for the topic.

Days 1-10. Prayer according to Paul’s life

Days 11-20. Prayer through the fruits of the Spirit

Days 21-30. Are slightly different as we pray for specific places ISIS is present. You may like to use an atlas or Google Earth for this.

Our prayer is that God will give us his love for Muslims during these 30 days and that as a body of Christ we will pray fervently, compassionately and effectively, understanding the heart of God. Enjoy the journey with Christ!


At the back we have listed most of the countries where the population is mostly Muslim. Of course there are many Muslims in the UK and Southend – don’t forget to pray for them too.

This prayer diary is adapted from a 30 day prayer for Isis document called ‘Jesus loves ISIS members. Love never fails’ (author unknown). You will notice references to Muslims generally and ISIS members in particular throughout. The last 10 days are specifically about ISIS.

Please click on the link below to open the prayer guide (a resource provided by Southend Vineyard) in a pdf format

Ramadan Prayer Guide