Current Sunday Programme

Preaching Series for Avenue Baptist Church from 19th April until 26th July

In all of the upheaval we are facing at this moment Jim and I feel that this is a time not to just endure but to grow in our relationship with God. As the Corona virus pandemic sweeps across the world it has left in it’s wake anxiety, fear and death. Therefore the first part of our two part series engages with the social isolation that billions of people are experiencing by exploring the ministry of touch that Jesus had in the Gospel accounts.

The Bible tells how Jesus, though he was by very nature divine, did not consider his exalted position as God as something he should cling to, but voluntarily gave it up and humbled himself to enter the world as a man. And then he stooped even lower, becoming a servant who spent his entire life attending to the needs of others. Jesus never shrank from human suffering. He was not afraid to get his hands dirty ministering to the sickness and squalor of his world. He used those hands to reach out and touch suffering people with healing and hope.

As the great Christian thinker John Calvin put it:

“In assuming our flesh, [Christ] has granted us more than the touch of his hand; he has brought himself into one and the same body with us, that we should be the flesh of his flesh. He does not only stretch out his arm to us, but he comes down from heaven even to the very depths … cleans all our dirt away, and pours upon us his own holiness”.


19th April Matthew 8:1-4 Touching a Leper

26th April Mark 1:29-31 Touching Simon’s Mother-in-Law

3rd May Mark 7:31-37 Touching a Deaf-Mute Man with Communion

10th May Mark 8:23-26 Touching a Blind Man

17th May Mark 9:14-29 Touching a Boy Possessed

24th May Mark 5:35-43 Touching a Dead Daughter

31st May John 20:24-27 Touching Jesus (Pentecost)


In our second series we will be exploring 8 Psalms of Ascent. Songs sung by pilgrims as they made their way to the Temple to worship God.

In June 8, 1941 C.S. Lewis ascended the pulpit at the University Church of St Mary the Virgin in Oxford and delivered “The Weight of Glory,” one of the most insightful sermons of the twentieth century.

Even though the Second World War was raging around him, Lewis instead of focussing on a world at war decided to turn his listeners attention to the glory of God. As the world uses it’s considerable resources to fight this virus we would like to invite you not to escape this present war but to turn your thoughts to something greater and more wonderous, the glory of God in the Psalms. 

7th June Psalm 121 with Communion

14th June Psalm 122

21st June Psalm 124 (Fathers Day)

28th June, Psalm 125

5th July Psalm 128 (Church Anniversary) with Communion

12th July Psalm 130

19th July Psalm 133

26th July Psalm 134