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About Avenue Baptist Church

About Us

The origins of Avenue Baptist Church are rooted in the rapidly expanding town of Southend with a weekly prayer meeting at 8 Belmont Villas in 1874. Over the years the church has found itself in various places before establishing itself in Milton Road in 1901. Today we are a group of ordinary, local people who are learning to love and trust one another under God’s rule. We are a church of people from all walks of life, meeting together to worship God and to celebrate our relationship with him. We are all different but we have one thing in common – we are all trying to follow Jesus Christ. We do not think of ourselves as better than others. in fact, we can’t understand why God loves us – we simply know He does.

We are members of the Baptist UnionEastern Baptist Association and SABN. Please click on the organisation for more details.


Avenue as a Church has a

lot of  history.

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