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Women's House of Prayer

“Where there is no guidance the people fall, but in abundance of counsellors there is victory.”

Proverbs 11.14

What is Women's House of Prayer

We are a group of ladies, from different denominations and backgrounds who currently meet regularly every alternative Wednesday evening from 7.30pm – 9.30pm using a WhatsApp group call. 

We talk about the women from the bible, bringing their situations into 21st Century settings to discuss and learn about the challenges and problems they faced, while praying for guidance into understanding the impact it has on our lives today.
Our group helps, supports, prays and discuss issues that women may find difficult to talk about in another forum. It has also been a blessing to all the women who attend our House of Prayer, in many different ways.


Woman with Bible

We have one rule only – Whatever is said and discussed in the group, stays in the group, all members knowing and respecting each other in whatever situation or circumstances they find themselves. By God’s grace, over the years this rule has been kept by all our group members.

Holding Hands

This programme has proved to be very successful and we have bonded together, with a deeper knowledge of the women of the bible, our focused prayer life, our relationships as friends, being Sisters in Christ and taking on being full pastoral carers for each other. We have found that there have been many challenges (good and bad) for our ladies.  Prayer and support have been the main focus in coping with these issues.  This, in turn, has led to major improvements with our prayers on a daily basis, so we can encourage each one to be more helpful and supportive to each other, the church fellowship and the wider community.
The Lord has blessed us with many answers to prayers. We have seen changes and growth personally, in our families, friends and other quite difficult situations, where we confidently confirm that the Lord’s hand, the power of prayer and His spirit, has played a major part in our lives.
Our aim is to follow Jesus by the power of the Holy Spirit. We start this year by thanking God for his Grace, Mercy, Love, Care, Protection and Presence at our meetings and hope to continue to Glorify and Praise Him, while caring and supporting each other.
We hope you will come and join us and feel the love and warmth of our group. 
Should you wish more information then please contact us using the website 'contact us' page or via  our Church office ''.  

- Diana

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