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Avenue Bereaved Parents Support Group

Holding Hands


Avenue Bereaved Parents Support Group  (part of the Worldwide organization The Compassionate Friends) is a safe place for parents who have sadly lost a child through any circumstances. The Group was started in March 2015 after I sadly lost my daughter Debbie in a tragic accident  in 2013 and felt the need to speak to other bereaved parents, so to honour Debbie's memory I started the group with permission from the Minister and Deacons.

Design Book

We meet at Avenue once a month to chat about our shared grief, with respect for others in the group, knowing we will be heard and listened to in confidence. ( Cliffs Pavilion coffee lounge midway through the month on a Tuesday morning)

We can cry without feeling it is wrong to do so. Talking about our child is good, but can make us emotional too.

We can share ideas that have helped. Swap/borrow books that have been helpful.

Pick up useful leaflets.

We have a photo board of our children, if you wish to share a photo with us. A table cloth with the Tree of life and leaves where you can share your child's name if you wish to do so.

We meet mainly on the first Monday of the month at 10.30am - 1.00pm, although this might vary a little with Bank Holidays etc.

Our meetings are held in The Venue.


For further details contact Joy Rooke by email Or phone 01702 341085 or mobile 07779 501217

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