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Sundays at avenue

Our Sunday service starts at 10.30am and usually finishes around 11.45 except when we have our once a month All Age Service (2nd Sunday of the month) which finishes at 11.30am.
If you haven’t been to a church service for a while it may be a bit daunting, so here are some answers to commonly asked questions:

Clothes Hanging

What Do I wear?

You will find that people wear what makes them comfortable, some will wear a suit while others will come in jeans and a shirt.

What will happen as I Enter?

You will be given a warm welcome and after you have taken a copy of our written notices take a seat Wherever you want.

Children Embracing in Circle

What happens to my children

All the children attend the beginning of the morning service and then depart to their relevant groups with their leaders and helpers after approximately 20-30 minutes. The primary aim of these groups is to bring the children to a new awareness of Jesus Christ in a stimulating and interesting environment.

Do I need to bring a Bible

If you have a modern translation it would be useful but if you haven’t then don’t worry as there are Bibles near where you will sit.


How do i find the bible passage

The page number of the Bible passage is mentioned before the reading but if you don’t want to look up the passage that’s fine, just listen to the reading.

What if I don't know the songs

Instructions about standing and sitting are given very clearly and if you don’t or can’t sing the songs just listen to those around you.

Singer Wearing Hat
Coffee Cups

What happens after the service

Some people may come and talk to you after the service when there is an opportunity to meet others over a drink, but if you would rather just leave that’s fine.

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