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Avenue's Vision 

To see spiritual renewal through the transformation of lives inside and outside Avenue by the power of the Spirit and the work of the Gospel. This will result in God’s values in our lives not being contained within the church but flooding out into our neighbourhood, town, city and world.


Our values for a CHANGED life are:

Celebrating God’s presence

Holy Living

Active Obedience

Never ending grace

Generous lives

Engaged in prayer

Deepening our understanding of the Bible

Vision Cliffs.jpg

We want to continue celebrating our diversity, and we would love to see the
new building's facilities put to further good use, looking to provide new opportunities for our local community as we reach out to them.
We would like to strengthen the existing work amongst families and children, recognising that this has great potential to feed into the development of youth work over the next few years.
We would like to grow in our relationship with Jesus as we learn about and worship Him, and to allow that relationship to impact what we do.
We are open to fresh ideas that are focused on challenging and motivating us into serving Him, in order that we might see His kingdom grow here in Southend.

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