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Avenue's Mission

Here you can find out some of the things we actively support as a church.

Avenue's Missionaries

Avenues Missionaries


The Shrubsoles

The Shrubsoles are visiting Avenue on 10 July....

The Shrubsoles

The Shrubsoles are visiting Avenue on 10 July 2021 to update us on their urgent departure from CHAD.  They had to flee the country with their three young children after a rebel uprising.  


The Darbys

Linda & Tim Darby have been working in Gulu.....

The Darbys

Linda & Tim Darby have been working in Gulu in Uganda with
their three children. They are currently back in the UK and have been visiting churches to tell
them of the work which is continuing in Uganda in their absence.

The children have been
enjoying playgrounds and fish and chips. They always value prayer for their family, health and


Jil Duncan

We also support Jill Duncan  who is a church.....

Jil Duncan

We also support Jill Duncan  who is a church member & former youth leader here. She is currently at St Andrew’s Church in Abu Dhabi working with young people in the church.

The Leprosy Mission

The Leprosy

The Leprosy Mission is supported by a number of people within the church and is an
international Christian development organisation that diagnoses, treats and offers specialist care,
including reconstructive surgery, to leprosy patients.  Their aim is to transform and empower the
lives of people affected by leprosy.

Ella's Home

Ella's Home

Ella’s is a London-based organisation working with
women who have survived trafficking and sexual


about Ellas

Our vision is to see people free from slavery and exploitation.

Our mission is to ensure survivors of trafficking and exploitation have all they need to recover and build lives that are safe and free.

To achieve this, we offer:

  • safe house accommodation for women when they are most vulnerable 

  • care to help them recover and move forward

  • long-term community-based support to help survivors build safe,
    independent lives. 

Our team provides regular, direct support for more than 30 people and families, and help when needed for dozens more across our network. 


We are currently supporting the warehouse at Belle Vue Baptist church and a local distribution
centre at Crowstone URC with weekly donations of food, helping to collect donations at
Tesco’s and sorting in the warehouse. If you would like to donate food, please contact the
warehouse on the website below or place small amounts in the food trolley in the church foyer.
If you would like to help, please see Alison Johnson.

Southend Foodbank


One of the ways Avenue Baptist engages with town-centre life here in Southend is through the University and local sixth form college.   Prior to COVID, our community Minister and a number of church members worked for one day a week in the Chaplaincy Office.  After restrictions are lifted this will be reviewed.


Other aspects of the chaplaincy work involve setting up various events on the campus to help the students explore life and faith, and to encourage them to get involved in a local church.

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