Micro WAVES Years 1- 5

Our Tuesday Activity Club for children in years 1-5 is called Micro WAVES and is an activity club with a mix of  games, crafts, Lego, robots,  sports, team games, refreshments and stories.
Start and finish 6.00 - 7.15pm

Subs: £1/week

lesley (Lesley.lewis@avenuebaptist.com)

Tidal WAVES Years 6-9

Our Tuesday Activity Club for children in years 6-9 is called Tidal WAVES as in an activity club with a mix of games, craft, sports and discussion. We join with Ocean WAVES for the final part of our session.

Start and finish 6.30 - 8.00pm

Subs: £1/week

lesley (Lesley.lewis@avenuebaptist.com)

Waves Youth

Ocean WAVES Year 10 +

We have a growing number of youth at Avenue.

The Senior WAVES group meets on every 
Tuesday 6.30-8pm. Many of these youngsters have stayed with us through both lockdowns via the
dreaded ZOOM and are now looking forward to some interesting and exciting times ahead.

We take part in various events, such as the Sir Tom Moore 100 that we recently raised funds for
doing 100 star jumps or making 100 sausages.


We appreciate each other’s points of view and
stand up for what we believe in. Through dialogue and prayer, we allow God into our hearts to
walk the journey of our lives together.

Come and join us if you dare! We talk about everything under the sun, from gender issues in
society and faith to our favourite, mouth-watering meals and snacks!

Litza (youthwork@avenuebaptist.com)

All of our leaders are fully DBS checked